First Aid Training

Valuable Knowledge Useful in Several Situations

There is nothing more important to anyone than his or her health. It is something not even the wealthiest man in the world can buy or replace. Moreover, you won’t be able to tell when your body decides to do a system shutdown or suffer from damage, which is why you should always maintain it with a little prevention and first aid learning.

First aid learning is not just useful to yourself, however. You can also help other people recover from severe injury and accidents. Imagine walking along the sidewalk when a girl who is also walking in front of you suddenly drops on the ground unconscious. How would you know what happened? How would you know what is wrong with her? Most importantly, how would you know how to save her life?

Through first aid learning, it is not just a girl from the streets whom you can offer assistance to. There are also other places and situations where your knowledge might come in handy; most of them involve health-threatening activities that are performed during the event of mishap. Some of the most common settings where such misfortunes happen include:


An average of 372,000 people die from drowning annually worldwide, and one of them may happen while you are around. It might even happen to your family or friends. That said, basic first aid training is very crucial especially to lifeguards training who patrol around the area. When accidents like such occur, the first thing you need to do is call the emergency hotline since first aid can only go so far. Move the person afterwards and check for pulse. If there is no pulse, do CPR until he or she regains consciousness.


Because of the constricted space filled with numerous people, it can be very hard to breathe in concert grounds. The threat level increases as smoke from cigarettes is also present nowadays. Because of the unhealthy environment, people become prone to suffocation. Before the body goes to a complete blackout, symptoms include drowsiness or dizziness, then knees and other parts of the body start weakening and shaking. The best way to remedy this is to give the patient some air and loosen his or her clothes for better blood circulation.


If there’s anything in the world that requires a quick response for accidents it is basic life support, it’s any kind of sport. Whether it be American football, soccer, basketball, or F1 racing, first aid learning is necessary. Injuries are so common in sports that there is always a medical team on standby during official sports events. Some players even suffer from serious physical trauma that needs immediate and advanced medical response.


When eating, people are more susceptible to choking. Not chewing food properly causes chunks of meat, fish, and vegetables to get stuck in the throat. This blocks air passage that prevents the patient from breathing. CPR and first aid training and treatment for it.

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