The healthiest job in the world

I arrived in UAE back in 2007 as a Lifeguard in one of the 5-star hotels in Abu Dhabi.

One of the obstacles I had to overcome was having to stand for eight hours a day in the sun’s sweltering heat. I realized that my job won’t be easy, that I need to be in the best of health, and that I need to be fit enough to make it through my two-year contract.

It was a bliss for me, and I did not even notice that 2 years and 7 months had passed, and I eventually got promoted to a supervisory position and that’s when my daily healthy routine as a Lifeguard had changed. It became very difficult for me to find time for my health and wellness and I struggled physically to maintain a healthy routine when I left lifeguarding, and therefore I am writing these five reasons why lifeguard is the healthiest job in the world:


    Lifeguarding is fun and at the same time very demanding job, a Lifeguard must maintain physical fitness to ensure they are at their optimum capability. Their job required them to train on a timed swimming to ensure they have the required speed in swimming to make sure they’ll be able to reach the casualty in time through waves and current during rescues, which only means a Lifeguard doesn’t need to worry about their healthy routine to be essentially fit because it is already part of the job.


    Lifeguarding is a physically demanding job hence requires a lot of energy to burn daily, thus a Lifeguard eats almost everything, no need to be extremely cautious on their daily calorie intake, a Lifeguard has to eat a lot, and loaded with carbohydrates and proteins, etc. so you have more energy to sustain for an 8-hour of Lifeguarding duty, under the sun your body will be dehydrated so a Lifeguard must drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.


    After an 8-hour Lifeguarding duty, then you go home, physically exhausted and their body demands rest and good sleep since they will be facing another day of physical work the following day, So naturally, their body requires a minimum 8-hour of sleep to recharge, and they have the most satisfying sleep each time.


    Lifeguarding is not only a healthy job but also a money-saver, Lifeguard can save thousands of sums of money, In reality, people must sign up for a facility membership to access gym, pool or attend a fitness classes to maintain a healthy lifestyle, some pay a for a day passes to access a pool or beach club to relax and lay down in the sunbed to enjoy the sun and have some vitamin D.

    As part of their job, lifeguards have free access to all of the aforementioned resources. Lifeguards are allowed to train in their gym, swim in their pool and beach, participate in a weekly time trial, run, and even simulate a drowning to ensure that they are at their best and ready for any CPR and First aid emergency. Therefore, technically, a Lifeguard does not require a membership to a gym or pool, and sunbathing is unnecessary because Lifeguards already work in the sun; Lifeguard has full access to the beach from sunrise to sunset, so there is no need for beach access.


    Lifeguarding is not only the healthiest job but also extremely rewarding job as well, Lifeguard saves lives! Lifeguards contribute to the community where they work, as ultimately their job is to PREVENT! The lifeguard training pro-actively looks for any possible hazard that can cause harm to any person or property.

    In every life they save, the rewarding feeling of gratitude from a stranger that a Lifeguard have help, the overwhelming feeling of hearing a mother thanking the Lifeguard for saving her child is an unforgettable memory, it is a lifetime fulfillment. I am proud that once I was a Lifeguard.

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