Best Training the Trainer Course in Dubai

It is recommended that this qualification is held over 2 days (12 hours), however it may be combined with other technical qualifications over a longer period. 

This Trainer Course in Dubai is intended for internal and external trainers who wish to improve their training skills. Effective training, effective use of presentation slides and other training materials, effective session planning and time management, providing for different learning styles, managing groups and individuals, effective question strategies and assessment methods are among the topics covered. The Highfield IADT primarily deals with trainers practical proficiency.

How long will it take me to achieve this qualification?
It is recommended that this qualification is held over 2 days (12 hours), however it may be combined with other technical qualifications over a longer period.

This qualification is assessed by:
Observation report: Learners must practically demonstrate the delivery of either 1 or 2 session(s) totaling 30 minutes.
Tutor/candidate discussion: Learners are required to demonstrate a sufficient level of knowledge and understanding relating to their micro-teaching session.

What next?
Individuals achieving this qualification can progress onto:


  • Highfield Level 3 Award in Education and Training
  • Highfield Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training course 

  • The importance of trainer training courses is most important in Dubai's energetic and competitive environment, where advancement and innovation are the important factors. These courses are necessary in developing the capacities of those who are charged with the duty of teaching others information and skills.


  • Dubai, a worldwide unit of various and several sectors, requires its staff to be well-versed in the most recent training approaches and industry best practices. Beyond traditional teaching methods, a Dubai trainer training course concentrates on the changing demands of the dynamic work environment.


  • The use of technology for training is one of the main topics covered in these courses. To maximise engagement and memory retention, trainers are taught how to successfully incorporate digital tools and platforms. As Dubai adopts more and more technology, instructors with these abilities become priceless assets to their companies.


  • Additionally, diversity and cultural awareness are essential elements of Dubai's trainer training programmes. Because of the city's multicultural population, trainers must be able to relate to people from a range of cultural backgrounds. By means of extensive training, teachers acquire knowledge about communicating across cultural boundaries, promoting a welcoming and encouraging classroom atmosphere.


  • In a city like Dubai where quality is highly valued, companies understand that better employee performance corresponds directly with highly skilled trainers. A financial investment in the development and prosperity of both people and companies is made when one takes trainer training courses. Basically these program's facilitate the development of a proficient workforce that can drive creativity, efficiency, and competitiveness inside Dubai's ever-changing commercial environment.


  • The importance of Dubai's Trainer Training Courses cannot be highlighted enough. They act as boosters for professional growth, making certain that instructors have the abilities required to meet the demands of the modern workplace.



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