Care For The Elderly

This program is an accredited qualification and was designed specifically for the care of the elderly.

Care for the Elderly; Concept on Aging, Injuries, and First Aid

This program is an accredited qualification and was designed specifically for the care of the elderly. The course
familiarizes students with the roles and responsibilities of the caregiver, including assessing of their needs in all aspects
of care, recognizing signs and symptoms of injury and illness, and assisting them in their ADL’s with respect to advancing
age, and those who is suffering from injury and illness. Care givers, students will learn and be assessed on their practical
ability to deal with the basic needs on the care, management of injuries on different emergency situations that require
first aid. They will also learn the proper way on how assist them in their full level of functioning and be able to assess
further needs and assistance to promote wellness and to conduct full CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation).

Training Approach

This program includes simulation of actual emergencies to ensure that attendees are competent in administering the proper treatment or care necessary to save lives and can be tailored to specific to the elderly care. Training manuals and course content are based on best practice, international standards, as well as legislation and regulatory requirements of the local regulatory authority. Students are assessed for competence by an instructor/assessor and complete a written exam.

Course Duration: 6 Hours

Certifications Earned: HABC – 3 Year International Certificate

Topics Covered:

✓ Introduction to Caregiving
✓ Roles and responsibilities of caregiver
✓ Communication and the caregiving process
• Communication with individuals with disabilities
✓ Fundamentals of caregiving
✓ Basic hygiene including PPE
✓ Assisting elderly in ADL’s
✓ Assisting elderly with special needs
• Stroke
• Dementia
• Diabetes
Basic Life Support/ First Aid
• Choking
• Stroke
• Heart attack
• Diabetes

Care for the Elderly Course :

Care for the elderly course includes offering physical, emotional, and social support to older persons who may need assistance with daily living activities, healthcare, and social participation. Here are some suggestions for geriatric care:

  • Respect their independence: Even though an elderly person requires assistance with certain duties, it is critical to respect their freedom and allow them to make their own decisions to the greatest extent feasible.
  • Ensure their safety: Because elderly people are more vulnerable to accidents and falls, it is critical to ensure that their living environment is safe and free of risks.
  • Assist with daily living activities: This may involve washing, clothing, grooming, and other activities that the older person may find difficult.
  • Ensure they receive proper medical care: This may include scheduling medical visits, reminding them of medication, and assisting with mobility aids such as walkers or wheelchairs.
  • Encourage social engagement: Because loneliness and isolation can be an issue for the elderly, it’s critical to promote social connection and create opportunities for them to interact with others.
  • Be patient and understanding: Care for the elderly can be difficult, and it’s critical to remain patient and understanding when dealing with any issues or frustrations that may emerge.

Remember that everyone is different and has various needs, so adjust your care to the specific needs and preferences of the older person you are caring for.



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