Everything You Need To Know About Lifeguard Training Course In Dubai

Lifeguard Training UAE

Are you a strong swimmer with a penchant to help others? If you are, then lifeguard training is perfect for you. The lifeguard training is a highly recommended health and safety course in Dubai for learners who wish to have the knowledge and skills necessary to become a qualified pool or beach lifeguard. Once you receive the training, you will be prepared to respond to emergencies and emergencies in pools, water theme parks or non-surfing beaches. 

Sounds interesting? In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about lifeguarding and how you can become a certified lifeguard. 

Why should you consider lifeguarding?

All around the world, many people, including teenagers, take up lifeguarding as a part-time summer job. If you love swimming, lifeguarding is also a rewarding job with flexible hours that gives you ample time for a side hustle as well as time for yourself. Here are some other reasons why you should consider lifeguarding-

  • Find your squad

Lifeguarding is not a one-man show. Wherever you are employed as a lifeguard – at a pool, water theme park or a beach- you will be working in a team. As lifeguards, you will be working together to cover every zone of your workplace, by taking place at different stations. You will have a flexible work schedule and will be rotating often with others, which allows you to work together with every member of the lifeguarding team and help each other out in case of emergencies. Through this teamwork, you will have a special camaraderie with your colleagues, which may even turn into lifelong friendships.

  • Save lives every day

Lifeguarding is a very satisfying job. Every day you go to work knowing that you will be safeguarding lives and actively making an impact in others’ lives. While you are on your job, you are constantly on the lookout for situations where you may need to jump into the water and rescue a swimmer. Your instincts are sharp and you are always ensuring that people are behaving safely. With the right skills and knowledge, you not only save swimmers when in danger but also proactively intervene and prevent accidents. You may also get opportunities to teach your patrons to tread the waters carefully, give impromptu lessons, help wear a lifejacket or provide assistance to adults and children in the water whenever required. In case of an accident, your knowledge of first aid and basic life support will also ensure that your patrons are in a much better condition until medical help arrives. 

Every shift you spend monitoring the pools, water rides or the beach, you are making a difference in peoples’ lives in more than one way. 

  • Stay fit and healthy

Did you know that lifeguarding is also a great way to stay in shape? Unlike many others who spend all their time indoors during the summers, your job as a lifeguard will keep you on your toes, ensuring that you get a daily dose of activity and movement. Although a good part of your day will require you to be stationed at your post, you will also have daily drills and exercises to improve and maintain your skills and endurance as a lifeguard. In short, lifeguarding is a refreshing job that not only pays you but pushes you to stay fit and healthy!

  • Be a better version of yourself

For most people, swimming is just a sport or a fun activity. But if you choose to do a lifeguarding course, you are essentially challenging yourself to be a better version of yourself. Lifeguarding is not just about jumping into the water and pulling someone to safety. The course itself involves basic life support training, first aid training, emergency oxygen delivery and bloodborne pathogens certification apart from water rescue. Being a lifeguard is not about making some easy money by utilising your swimming skills- it is about pushing yourself to better yourself, tackling your fear of dangers and actively saving people from unexpected, hazardous situations.

How to get certified as a lifeguard in Dubai?

At our training centre in Dubai, we offer various health and safety training courses, including lifeguard certification. There are two different certifications available for anyone who is a strong swimmer and is 16 years and above-

  • Pool and waterpark lifeguard

As the name suggests, individuals who sign up for this certification course will be trained and certified in Lifeguarding, Basic Life Support, Basic First Aid, Blood-borne Pathogens, and Emergency Oxygen (optional), and can work at venues or attractions that have water levels greater than 0.6m (24 inches). To register for this certification program, the candidate must be able to swim and cover 100m non-stop in a water level greater than 1.5m. Additionally, they must perform a surface dive and recover a 4.5kg weight from a 3m depth and showcase their ability to tread water for at least 5 minutes. An ideal candidate for Pool and waterpark lifeguard courses must be physically fit and meet all of the prerequisites mentioned. They must also have good vision and sense of hearing, be mentally alert and self-disciplined.

At our training centre, The StarGuard ELITE programme for Pool and waterpark lifeguard has a comprehensive syllabus that covers prevention strategy, surveillance, response and rescue, emergency care and understanding the workplace environment. The course is physically demanding and requires the candidates to swim to set times, showcase good diving form and strength to lift patrons out of water. Additionally, the course material covers basic life support and first aid training which will help the candidate perform duties required as part of his/her lifeguarding job. 

The curriculum, including the EIAC assessment, is completed in 4 days and demands 100% attendance. On completion, the candidate earns multiple certificates including StarGuard Lifeguard (1-year validity) and EIAC Shallow Water Lifeguard (2 years validity).

  • Beach lifeguard course

The beach lifeguard course is more intense than the pool and waterpark lifeguard. The certifications include Lifeguarding, Basic Life Support, Basic First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens, and Emergency Oxygen (optional) for working at beachside venues and attractions with non-surf open water. As a prerequisite to join the course, the candidate must swim continuously for 200m in water that is over 1.5m, perform a surface dive and recover a 4.5kg weight from 5m depth and tread water for a minimum of 10 minutes. Additionally, the candidate must be physically fit with good hearing and vision and must always be mentally alert and self-disciplined.

At HSS, our course covers a comprehensive syllabus, covering all the necessary skills and knowledge needed for the role. In addition to the topics covered under pool lifeguarding, this course includes skills like rescue craft, tending to marine animal injuries, search & rescue and shoreline extractions which are specific to the role.

The 4 days training program demands 100% attendance from the candidate. On completion, they are awarded multiple certificates including StarGuard Lifeguard – with Waterfront Module (1-year validity) and EIAC Beach Lifeguard (2 years validity).

Get started on your lifeguarding journey

Lifeguarding skills are lifelong. Most of the skills you earn through these comprehensive courses stay with you even after you end your career as a lifeguard. To ensure that every one of our candidates gets the most out of these 4-day courses, we provide the training in a combination of PowerPoint Presentations, Flip Chart Exercises, Guided Group Discussions and Activities, Practical Demonstrations and Training. 

At the end of the course, you will not only be rewarded with the certifications that ensure you a job as a lifeguard, but also make you a responsible citizen who is considerate about everyone’s health and safety. If you believe you are a strong swimmer who can meet the prerequisites for these wonderfully rewarding courses, register for lifeguard training with HSS today!

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