5 Reasons Why First Aid Training Is Essential

first aid certification

We human beings are highly susceptible to illness, trauma or injuries at any point in our life. Accidents and mishaps can occur at any time and anywhere, as unpleasant as it sounds, injuring ourselves, our loved ones or anybody around us. In such circumstances, knowing first aid can not only keep the victim’s condition from going bad to worse but also save their lives at times.

However, without proper training, administering first aid can be intimidating, not to mention difficult. First aid knowledge and training are therefore invaluable for you as an individual and your community. Having the right training will prepare you to be proactive, in case of an accident at your home, workplace or public, and not make you a helpless bystander.

Today, most companies encourage their employees to take first aid certification as part of their ongoing workplace training. A certified first aid provider can assist people who become injured in the event of an accident or emergency at the workplace until medical help arrives.

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of getting first aid training and how getting certified will make you indispensable at your workplace.

Why is first aid training essential?

More often than not, people shy away from taking first aid training because they think that accidents happen to other people and not to them or their loved ones or acquaintances. Others may think that they have enough knowledge to administer first aid if need be. Even so, getting first aid certification can make a huge difference to how you respond in a real-life emergency situation. Here are 5 reasons why we think you should consider getting trained and certified.

  • You will save more than lives

First aid training will undoubtedly give you an advantage when it comes to saving lives in case of an accident. But sometimes it does more than that. Giving the appropriate first aid at the right time can make the difference between a victim having a temporary or long term disability. Administering first aid immediately can also help reduce a person’s recovery time.

  • You can provide the best of patient comfort

Having hands-on first aid training will enable you to work towards patient comfort even in the worst scenarios. More often than not, comfort isn’t limited to just physical care. Victims of accidents will be mentally and emotionally vulnerable and may need on the spot palliative care to reduce their discomfort and suffering. Your calm energy and emotional support can do wonders to a person, even if he or she is suffering from extreme physical pain. First aid training will enable you to make your patient feel secure and greatly reduce their anxiety levels.

  • You can prevent the situation from escalating

Your training will help you prevent an emergency from escalating. In many cases, the situation becomes worse due to unnecessary panic and a lack of knowledge on ways to respond. First aid training will improve your survival instincts, allowing you to use even everyday items as useful tools if necessary. You’ll be trained to analyse your patient’s condition and convey it to the medical team, which can be crucial when it comes to saving lives.

  • You will be confident to take the necessary steps

With basic first aid knowledge, you will be confident in your skills as a provider and administering the necessary care. You will learn to remain calm even in emergencies, which will help you recall the necessary steps and medical acronyms to call for help. First aid training will make you more effective and in control of taking care of the victims while waiting for medical personnel.

  • You will learn to prioritise healthy and safe living

First aid training will encourage you to lead a healthy and safe living. With a better understanding of what “safety” is, you will hold your own safety as the priority. When you keep yourself safe, you will be in a better position to help others. You will also learn about healthy living and safer lifestyle choices that decrease the risk of developing diseases like diabetes and coronary heart disease. With increased awareness about your health, potential hazards in your surroundings and possible ways to lead a safe and healthy life every day, you will be a role model to your family, friends and acquaintances.

First aid certification for workplace

All workplaces present various hazards for their employees. While some are low-risk workplaces, people working in construction, manufacturing and similar establishments are exposed to many threats every day. Even though chances of causing serious illness or injury at your workplace are very less, being trained in first aid administration will enable you to be confident at work, while being helpful to your colleagues in case of an emergency.

Today, many companies in the UAE make it mandatory for their employees to get first aid certification as part of their yearly training programs. This will enable the employees to prevent and minimize a hazardous situation from escalating and manage it until medical aid arrives.

Depending upon the type of workplace the emergencies can vary from falling objects, falling from heights and burns to sudden health hazards like an allergic reaction or cardiac arrest. As most workplaces are equipped with one or more first aid kits, trained employees can spring into action when required. Proper first aid training will ensure that you are ready to preserve lives, prevent deterioration and promote the recovery of your colleague while waiting for medical aid.

Qualified first aiders are always an asset to all organizations. Many employers seek professionals with a first aid certification to meet their on-site first aider requirement. So if you want to boost your resume while applying for jobs, consider getting a first aid certification at the earliest. 

Next step

At the HSS facility in Dubai, we provide many health and safety courses for those who are interested. While some of the courses are designed for people in specific vocations, first aid training and certification is open to all who are interested in leading a safe and healthy life while assisting fellow members of society in times of emergency. Contact us and enrol yourself today.

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