Basic ECG Reading

This course presents the student with an introductory overview related to the anatomy and physiology of the heart. It also explores normal electrical conduction as well as common variations as evidenced by changes in the waveform on the cardiac monitoring device. The course will also focus on the student’s ability to perform cardiac monitoring via 3, 5 and 12 lead monitoring devices.


  • Interactive content on physiology and lead placement that teaches the how and why of proper ECG monitoring and analysis.
  • An 8-step process for analyzing and interpreting cardiac rhythms to maximize consistency and accuracy, and a 5-step process for analyzing pacemaker rhythms
  • A systematic approach to identifying ischemia and infraction on a 12-lead ECG
  • Extensive application and assessment of rhythm-strip identification to build skills and demonstrate subject matter proficiency. Includes actual strips (sixsecond strips of all rhythms) and 12-lead ECGs. 



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